After a very promising win in the first round match of the "Premier Volunteer League" , our S&G Sport Club has drawn in a shocking 9-9 match. 
Frustration among the players and supportes, as the team was winning the match with 2 goal of advantage just at three minutes to the end of the game. Eventually "Turkish Regional Development Agency" team managed to equalize the match and almost winning it. 
“It should have been a win, but we were playing away. If we win our home games and stay unbeaten away we should be all right in the group.”” manager of S&G Sport Club, Mr. Gurkan Akçaer stated at the local press. Thus, it has to be excpected that he will have to alter his team and his tactics in order to raise the performance of such a demoralised group. 
Report marks on players game:
1- Jacopo 5,5: Less inspired than usual
2- Alessandro 5: He runs a lot, but his lack of tecnique is a big concern
3-Ali 5,5: Confused, some good actions, but you would expect more from him
4- Waleed 6- : Hard as a rock, but he allows his direct opponent to pass too easily
5- Kadir 6,5 : Creativity for the team, the man of the match
6- Serdar 6 : precise, without trying too hard
7- Besher 5 : not clear with which team was he playing