At the dawn of September, the Non Governative Association (NGO) named System and Generation, welcomed Kiril one of the many enterprising young people who decided to take a step towards an unknown but indeed challenging future.

At the age of 24, Kiril already deepened his knowledge within the field of psychology, accompanying his studies with the wish to become a therapist, in any Country which is settled away from Macedonia, where his roots belong. His disruptive will to know and gain experiences within different perspectives brought him to Ankara, where he will spend two months engaging with System and Generation in a fruitful and enriching collaboration for both sides.

Nor should you think sacrifices were not made: despite his already considerable and heterogeneous cultural background , given by the many possibilities he had to spend time in a big variety of Countries, he decided to delay the successful ending of his MMA in order to join this project, regardless of the upcoming efforts which would be needed.

Moreover, you may be  wondering if there are any other significant reasons which pushed him to step up and join this venture:  we will leave you with a bit of suspense in the wish you will be intrigued at the point to ask Kiril himself to reveal them. We won’t leave you without any hints though, suggesting you to ask Jacopo, Coordinator of “System and Generation Association”, to get some other information disclosed. Luck brought Kiril to meet with Jacopo in Istanbul, who helped him to come in Ankara and learn more about management skilss and have a better overview about different cultures.


( Kiril smiling as usual)

Despite the myriad of questions we could pose, there was but one which sticked in our minds in terms of curiosity but also of relevance regarding this challenging call for cooperation to whom Kiril answered: “where do you see yourself in 5 years and which is your main aim in this very  period of your life?”. It belongs to the set of questions everyone should or already asks himself with frequency, especially if you belong to the immense family of students like us, thereof we decided to exploit the chance and ask it one more time.

His answer has been anything but very clear and straight-forward concerning his passionate will to explore the vast world of the international organizations and apply for a position in some of the most famous and important drivers of global change like UNICEF, ONU or the European Union.

Living in different realities within and outside the European Union, allowed him to see his personal path enlightened by his striving will to merge into new cultures and social values, nevertheless trying to find a common origin among them or maybe just a connection which could make his personal and cultural growth be even more consistent.

Therefore what for a better chance like the one over-mentioned could be presented to him? Kiril set himself very thorough purposes, such as gathering deeper understandings of the mechanism which drive the Organization both under a financial and organizational aspect. Those elements will be surely representing a useful and fruitful set of tools in his personal and professional career’s path, enabling him to be a game-changer element in the environment he will be inserted in.

Accordingly, his wishes and efforts have been showing off  a great pay-off so far, especially thanks to the amazing staff and network which is supporting him inside and outside the Organization.

 “I found an amazing team here, the most supportive and helpful i could wish for”. These are the affectioned words used by Kiril to describe his experience so far within the ties of the working environment he has been collaborating with so far, which leaves us with more than a wish to witness an enriching continuation, for him and for the whole network of System and Generation.

The interview was held by Simone (22) and Rahel (21), respectively an italian Law student and a german Economic student.
The articles were co-written by Simone Cioffi and Taher Belhadj, both volounteers of AIESEC. Simone is a 22 years old Law Student from Italy, actively engaged in volounteering and social working.
Taher is a 22 years old Finance and Accounting student from Tunisia, currently Vice- President of Enactus, a student-led association, engaging young students into challenging projects.