Hello again Ankara. It feels so good to be back to what I called my second home. My name is Marija and I come from Republic of North Macedonia. I have 22 years and I live in the capital Skopje. This is my second time in Ankara joining the EVS team. Right now in my home town I am finishing my studies in Turkish language and literature and this experience has come in the perfect time for me. So for the past couple of days staying here I feel really good. It is good to be back to the place were you have so many memories and where you have spent so many good days. As days are walking by very fast I am realising that I am very happy that I am here. This time I want to give even more, learn more and gain more experience. As an ex and current volunteer I want to just say one thing. Don’t think twice when you see a volunteering chance just apply and everything that comes next is an incredible period where you can express and upgrade yourself. After one volunteering experience everything is going to change in a better way.


Merhaba Ankara!
My name is Maja, and this is my first time in Ankara!
I am coming from Skopje, North Macedonia. I was born in May 1994, on the threshold of spring and the beginning of peach season.
While growing up I believed that one day I’ll get superpowers and I’ll be able to help people in need and that I’ll be able to fly, not knowing that one day this wish will come true.
One day while I was on the internet I came across a call for volunteers, and right away I knew that that calling was for me. I was a volunteer in HERA- Health Education and Research Association where I had a lot of missions as a superhero, but the most dear one happened in Sicily, where I was working with hearing impairment volunteers, where I learned the sign language and how that made me a better person.
I am always trying to be a better person, and I always try to see the best in people no matter what life has thrown at me.
I love to travel and to meet new people and cultures, because by exploring that, you get to explore yourself too.
I always live by one saying that goes like this “fulfill years with life, not life with years “ and thanks to this opportunity I have the chance to fulfill years with life.
While writing this, through the open window in the office I can hear traditional songs, and how people sing and enjoy in the music, and that made me feel like I was at home.
See you around!
The new superhero in town,