From 7 to 9 of February 2019, Youth Center FITT in Timisoara, Romania, hosted the General Assembly of the European Network of Youth Centers (ENYC)

on 7 and 8 of February, the board of ENYC gathered to prepare the agenda of the Assembly.

The topics, discussed during the meeting were

  1. Program of GA
  2. PR materials
  3. Elections of the new board
  4. Reports – Activities and Finance for 2018
  5. Plans for 2019
  6. The strategy of ENYC until 2021 (vision, where is ENYC now and where we want it to be at 2021)
  7. Priorities
  8. Activities
  9. New members
  10. Funding opportunities

The vice president Nadya Marinova has prepared promotional materials to be shared amongst the partners.

New domain for the webpage of ENYC will be created soon and it will be updated with the most recent information from the partners


  • Activities – to be increased by 20%
  • Members – to be increased by 20%
  • Finances – to find external funding for the network
  • Youth committee – involving more young people in the work of the network
  • Visibility – new email, updated webpage, and social media
  • By 2021 – ENYC has 25 members
  • Increased Acceptance by EU bodies
  • Managing at least 1 program
  • ENYC academy – Pool of trainers, Pool or Youth committee members, entrepreneurs etc


On 9 of April, the Assembly organized the Elections for the new members of the Board.

After an open vote, the new member of the ENYC Board are:

  • President – Ms. Heli Lehto
  • Vice president – Ms. Yolanda Florescu
  • Secretary – Ms. Armela Pengili
  • Treasurer – Mr. Mitja Valentic
  • Member 1 – Ms. Erica Munkova
  • Member 2 - Mr. Gürkan Akçaer
  • Member 3 - Ms. Nadya Marinova


The next planned ENYC meeting will be in April in Kokkola, organized by the partner Villa Elba.