Our common path is a short-term group EVS project gathering 20 disadvantaged young people from all over Europe.

This project was organized in Perho, a small rural municipality approx. 100 km from Kokkola and 50 km from Kannus. This project was perfect for persons who want to live close to nature and for an example exercise nature activities like hiking, fishing or canoeing.

Main Tasks of the volunteers were renovating nature trails together with local volunteers. The nature trails in the area are in bad condition and therefore partly not useable, so the repair work make it possible for people to walk in nature.

We sent 2 volunteers Devrim Cücüm and Emre Aksoy. Here are their stories: 

“Nonnin Finland

Finland was a great experience for me. I met people from different cultures (Spain, Croatia, Italy, Luxembourg, Romania, Portugal, Slovenia). I learned different languages. We did various activities every day for 6 weeks.
Finland is an amazingly beautiful country. Thank you to the S & G family who gave me this opportunity. To discuss new projects :)