18 at 18 Debate is a discussion between two groups on specific topic. The aim is to convince the public for their rights (the winner is who convince jury).

There are two sides in debate – Position and Opposition.
The Chairperson in the debate is responsible for the order during the discussion (give voice to two sides and to public, watch the time). Tossing coin decide who will start. 

Each group consists of four people. They play defined roles. The first person is the one who present main position of the group. The second person presents arguments which confirms main position of the group (max. 5 arguments). The third one refers to arguments presented by the opposition group. The fourth person makes the conclusion.

After the presentation of each group, the audience is free to ask question. During this process members of audience can ask question if they need some clarification presented one. The winner is the group which convince neutral jury.
Time limits:
1st round – making the statements, max. 3 minutes for each group
2nd round – presentation of arguments, max. 7 minutes for each group
3rd round – referring to the opposite group, max. 10 minutes for each group
4th round – concluding remarks, max. 3 minutes for each group
5th round – open discussion