As Board Member of ENYC, S&G has been actively involved in the work of ENYC by implementing many Erasmus+ projects for the success of the Network.

Our LEAR and President is currently participating in a GA in Villa Elba, Kokkola, Finland.

Our EVS volunteer - Betül Eryımaz is participating there as well, gathering experienceı

Through ENYC we have gather many strong partnerships and useful contacts and experience. 
For the past year S&G has applied for  the projects:

Solidarity Corps vs. EVS within the frame of the European Youth Strategy with partners from ENYC: Jugendbildungsstätte unterfranken, from Würzburg Germany

KA3 Internationalisation and Good Governance Policies Forum for Youth Centres in Çorum with partners from ENYC:  Filoxenia Greece, Youth centre, Krsko Slovenija, Villa Elba Kokkola Finland, RCM Kosice Slovakia, Interanational youth centre Bulgaria, Moppka Hungary


We have been partners in the following project:

Group EVS EKOFILI (1st round) with Filoxenia

TC Hidden Diamonds with Youth Centre Villa Elba, Finland, Euronet, Italy Tamaszpot MOPKKA, Hungary