The project was about raising awareness about the "No Hate Speech movement" created by the Council of Europe. There were 40 participants from Turkey, Italy, Spain, France and Bulgaria

Here are the stories from the participants in the YE:

"Before I was heading to Bansko, I was a different person. I tought I was aware of my surroundings. After my arrival, it was my first time seing too many foreigners, together. And we met with each other, day by day. At first, we were from there, doing this and that. But while project was developing trough day by day, our group of foreigners become more attached. We were different, but we were same also. Our differencies was only coming from our countries, our cultures. We were feeling love the same way, we were responding hate the same way, we were becoming friends the same way. Now I know about the people of the earth more. Hate free youth project showed me, when we do not discriminate or classify people, we can share a bond with them. Its the most primal and needed bond. Love.

We acted as teams, we created projects, we played team based activities, we shared who we are with each other. I enjoyed every minute of this project. I observed how team leaders are leading, how to act as a team, how to listen, how I was discriminating people even though I was thinking I wasn’t. I shared information about my opinions freely, and recieved feedbacks. People shared their opinions and I gathered some knowledge. I’m not the same old me anymore, now I know as people of this earth, we can make a difference, person by person, one at a time. It is possible to create a better world together. I give my sincerest thanks to the organizators of this project, to Erasmus+ and all the participants. You changed my world. We can change the world!" Mert Cabilar

"I have had lots of experience about this project and abroad. I joined different activities in this project and they are very benefit and better for me. Also, I have met various friends from different cultures, countries, personalities. I have learned about Bulgarian cultures, Bulgarian life style. Finally, I was 19 years old and I had thousands of spaces up to now, and I felt no place as nice as I was here." Nisa Koç

"This project is my first project . I  was the first to go abroad . It was my first experience and first excitment. Everything was amazing. The project, subject, people, communucation. I met new culture, people, language. Thanks to this project , I realized the importance of English in my life . This project has added a lot to me . This experience I cannot forget in my life . Every young person absolutely must make this experience." Feyzanur Canalp

"Having a chance to do this kind of activities like we did in youth exchange is unique. You can feel like you are a part of a huge group and you can share opinions without judgement. Seeing all these people from different countries, learning their cultures, teaching eachother what we grew up in is so much fun. I believe anyone who wants go and do this kind of things can learn something in return. I had fun, i learned new things and i made friends. I think everyone who has a chance should give it a try." Melis Ulusoy