I’ve been in London for a project which is called Time For Tea for a week.It took place in Brunel University, London. It was the first part of the project. I met new people who came from different countries of the world.Such as İtaly, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria. There were nearly 30 people.

We draw pictures about dark side and bright side of the world, talked about global issues and what are the qualifications does 21th century human has.We design a tea pocket and we thought about which problem is the most important one of the whole global issues. We brainstormed all week.It was very inspiring and inexpressible.

Everyone is in the project was willing because this project is much more different from the others. The second part of the project is going to be held in April.We’ll have a chance to show our works in that time. It was a nice experience for everyone.We learned a lot from each other.

You can find the infopack HERE and more information about Momentum World