„Świat mało znany” iis a name of the festival that our volunteer Ece Kir helped organizing in Gdańsk, Poland from 14th untill 28th of June 2017

The aim is to discover, promote and show to a wide audience the creativity of people with intellectual disabilities.

During the festival the participants were assisting morning workshops: theater, music, dance, painting murals, recycling art or photography.

Read Ece's story below:

"After meeting with the System and Generation, ı get a chance to have my short term voluntary service in Gdansk in  Poland. The Project lasts 2 weeks in the date between    15-30 June. It was builded with the participant of these countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Belgium and Turkey. In each group there are people with disabilities and accompanied volunteers to guide them. The Project aims contribution and participation for the festival which is planned in Gdansk. In the first 2 days of the first week, we took some basic Polish classes. After we are informed and meeting up with the leaders of the workshops, we decide which one we would like to join according to our interests and  abilities. There are variety of branches like music, theatre, mural, photography and dance. After workshops we have göne to some concerts and exhibitions prepared by Polish people with disabilities and we performed our shows in the city center in parade.

It was one of the best thing in Project that a polish family hosts the  volunteers comming from different countries so we had opportunity to know more about polish culture and treditions on the other hand the hosting organization organized a culture night which includes informations, videos, some visual meterials about that country and some traditional dances.

In the end of these 2 great  weeks, we turn back to Turkey with a full pleasure.

Thanks for this nice experience to sending and hosting organizations"