Our participants , who attended the one-week training program in Azerbaijan, had a great time while working on the issue of immigrants. 32 participants from Italy,Spain ,France , Lithuania Georgia ,Ukraina and Azerbaijani countries got to know many different cultures. They improved themselves and knowledge on immigrants and immigrant rights. This process, which started with ice break games and laughter, ended with tears of separation. Our participants  made presentations about immigrant rights and shared about the relations of immigrants and people living in the country. They sometimes strengthened these shares with events and dramas. They received training on how to work with immigrants in the future, and then they wrote a project and shared it with other participants during the training.
This one-week process raised awareness about immigrants to all participants. Each participant stated that the training contributed a lot to them. One of our particpant A.Batuhan Baz mentioned -“The training had positive vibes also I had chance to learn more about the topic of the project also I meet such an amazing people.Thank you to the trainers and S&G for this opportunity “.