Project Finance Management, Reporting and Budgeting Training was held between 16-18 December in Eskişehir on 17.12.2022.
The Anna Lindh Foundation was established with the aim of bringing communities and people on both shores of the Mediterranean closer to each other and realizing joint projects. The Foundation, which has 42 member countries within the framework of Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation, supports civil society for the common future of the region and brings people together to develop cooperation in the Mediterranean. Founded in 2004, ALF's Headquarters was opened in Alexandria in 2005. Thus, ALF has become the first joint communication-bridge institution jointly established by the European Union and Mediterranean Partner countries.
ALF Turkey Network Coordinators Mr. Necdet Sağlam and Mr. The program, which started with the opening speeches of Gürkan Akçaer, started with the members introducing themselves and their activities.
After giving information about the ALF Turkey Network Work Plan, Mr. Akçaer talked about the issues discussed at the Network Chairs meeting held online on 12.12.2022 and the works planned until 2024.
Mr. Necdet Sağlam gave information about the history of the ALF, the reason for its establishment and its operation. He stated that the next Network Heads meeting will take place in Marseille
The suggestions from the network members and how the work plan would be realized with the participation of all members were discussed:
Proposal 1: Adding a section for Experience Sharing at the next face-to-face training meeting was proposed and accepted.
Proposal 2: It was stated that sharing the posts made by ALF in Turkish would make it easier to share them with people and institutions at the local level, so it was recommended and accepted to prepare translated texts.