Hello, my name is Fatih.
I've been a member of S&G for a while now.
I've attended many activities and countless English Conversation Clubs.
On 1st of November in 2020 i went to Bulgaria for a short term project. Basically the project was to work with the Bulgarian Red Cross.
Initially we had a rough time with my friends but we learned how to stick to each other in a foreign country.
In the first times the challenges were so tough because we didnt know each other but in time we maganed to see the best of us in every each one of us. After a while we started doing some activities but Covid-19 Quarantine was challanging us. So we asked our hosting organization to move the project in another city, they accepted and we moved the project there.
Sofia was beautifull and we had a great time there, we were going to the office in the day time and we all watched movies together in the evenings. Sometimes in the weekend we went sightseeing by ourselves which was pretty fun because we learned the city by getting lost in it.
The people we met both in Primorsko and Sofia were amazing. We had such good friendships and quality time with those friends.
The guidence of the people in S&G was so helpful, if it werent of them we would be lost.
To sum up this experience i should say: Go out there and volunteer, trust in these people who guides you through the adventure, make as many friends as you can, enjoy every moment of your experiences.