Turkish National Agency successfully implemented from 16th to 21st December 2020 the meeting named ‘Get Involved in ESC- Interregional Partnership Building Activity in ESC Volunteering Projects’. This meeting was of a different kind (hybrid) as brought together participants on site and online. Partially the activities were held in person in Antalya and partially online through ZOOM platform. The event registered the attendance of around 50 participants (on site) and of over 30 online participants from different European Countries, Caucasus and MENA countries. The meeting endeavored to offer the chance of building partnerships mainly focused on field of youth and volunteering.

The event was composed by different sessions, one of them being #digcomp and #entrecomp, in which it was explained about how to better use digital tools and entrepreneurship skills in a most efficient way to improve the visibility of your organization or association.

Online activities were moderated by the trainers, but it was mostly exchange of good practices between the associations from different countries, in which they could agree for potential future projects, or sending hosting volunteers based on agreement which they managed to achieve.

System and Generation was represented by 8 participants, coordinator and volunteers, coordinator (Mrs Esmeralda Kashari) and volunteers(Matteo, Enrique, Maria, Huri, Gabriele, Anastasiia, Mustafa). In volunteers’ perspective, this meeting helped them learn and understand more about volunteering projects and Erasmus whilst in coordinator’s perspective the meeting served as a stepping stone for setting up partnerships with other organizations at national and international level.