New collaborative activity of System and Generation Association with the Dog House Shelter in Yavrucuk, Gölbaşı.
A Thursday every two weeks, our international and local volunteers will go to Yavrucuk, Gölbaşı, for being involved and support a Dog House Shelter Project to rescue dogs and puppies from the street, vaccinate & provide them with professional medical care, properly feed them, make them company and encourage families in adopting and caring them.
We are happy to introduce you to this amazing initiative and all the ways in which you may also help them:
- Spending time with the dogs and puppies;
- Fix the shelters: restoring the facilities and prepare them for the next coming Winter;
- Give visibility to the Project to sensibilize more people; 
- Donation: financial or food donations are needed to sustain the project.
So what about you? Would you like to help them and being part of the community? 
For donations or other kinds of help, contact us on Whatsapp (+393711182108 in ENGLISH or +905307482249 in TURKISH) or through emails at
Stay tuned & follow us for more news!