From the 21st to the 25th of October 2020, 14 international volunteers from North Macedonia, Albania, Georgia and Italy, are proudly representing System & Generation at the ESC On-Arrival Training organized by the Erasmus+ Turkish National Agency in Ankara.

Read the feedback given by some of our volunteers:

Mustaf (North Macedonia)

''The Training organized by Turkish National Agency, gave me the chance to learn more about European Solidarity Corps in general, for the duties, responsibilities and the obligations of the volunteers and volunteering towards the association, and vice versa.  It was great experience to be in the same occasion with volunteers from different countries (from different cities of Turkey, in which they do their volunteering service, short or long term) and to be able to exchange ideas, at the same time to learn more about other ongoing projects. We also were engaged in teamwork activities.     
During the training we discussed about the potential misunderstandings or problems that might occur between the sides, and how should be dealt with.   
We also got the chance to learn more about Turkish culture, and we had a virtual trip around Turkey.

This brief experience of learning and sharing will be helpful not only for volunteering, but in different spheres of my future career as well.''


Gabriele (Italy)

''In my opinion it was a really nice training! Thanks to it I discovered more about the ESC program and how it is structured in a broader way. What was also interesting for me were the non-formal activities that we did, because through them we had the opportunity to improve our knowledge in a dynamic way! Non-formal activities are an important educational tool that we should not understimate. Also because what I learn today, maybe I can use it tomorow. This is the main aim of getting any kind of knowledge, to share it!''


Erilda (Albania)

''It was a pleasure for me to be part of this training, where I got the opportunity to receive new information about European Solidarity Corps, and to get to know volunteers form all around Turkey.

Our trainers introduced us the whole background of ESC and their responsibilities and we also discussed about volunteer’s rights and duties. This session was very useful for me because it is important to have a clear prospect of our engagement in a volunteering work.

We had a great time collaborating with other volunteers to produce videos in which we had to present different kinds of situations about volunteering. This time provided us the opportunity to get to know each other better and to share creative ideas among each other.

On the other hand, we discussed about the importance of non-formal learning method which is used in ESC programs and its advantages. Through different games and activities, I also had the opportunity to discover more about the Turkish culture and touristic places as well. Furthermore, we had the chance to work together in groups to find solutions for different situations that we might face in a volunteering work, where we developed the skills of solving problems, logic and critical thinking.

I am so happy that I participated in such a friendly environment where I felt comfortable to express my opinions and felt motivated and inspired as well.''


Matteo (Italy)

''Being a participant in the On-Arrival Training in Ankara was for me an incredible and unique experience. Through non-formal learning activities and group exercises, I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the ESC program and its multifaceted dimension in the national reality of Turkish. I also had the chance to meet dozens of international volunteers, learn about their diverse experiences. This also allowed me to build new connections, which could really help improve my living and volunteering experience in Turkey. Overall, it was a very inspiring week, which allowed me to look at my future personal and professional development with renewed motivation. I am very thankful for the opportunity!''


Stefan (North Macedonia)

''For me the most important thing is meeting new people. This project was perfect for this. We were 50 participants from more than 15 countries. We did activities together, we ate together, we were laughing together... the five days passed very fast but the new things I learned will last forever.''