My name is Gulistan but my friends call me Guli, which is short way to entitle me and it also means “heart” in Georgian.
I am from Georgia by the way.
I am too glad that I have applied to this project. Actually there wouldn’t be better time for me to move away from my country, because I realized that I was doing the same things every day and only days were going, but it doesn’t contribute me something new, it was so monotonous.
Then I encountered by chance to the ESC project which I’m participating now and feel so splendid about that.
It made me realize that, there is always  a hope for those who had lost their meaning of life.
I have been here for four or five days but I feel like I have known all of you for years.
I think that’s amazing because it’s hard to feel that feeling even for one person.
And about Turkey really it’s the one of the rare places where I feel like I am home and think I can live here forever.
So come on guys chase your true passion and try to discover more about yourselves, then you will take stronger and firmer steps.
Never give up from believing yourself, that belief will shed light to your future and help to find your road.