On 16th of November 2019,  as the Head of Network for Turkey, System and Generation Association in collaboration with Association of Civil Society and Development Institute with the financial support of Anna Lindh Foundation hosted the training ‘CSOs Fundraising Training’. The training took place in Ankara from 9.30 to 17.00 and was delivered by Gurkan Akcaer and Necdet Salgam. 
This training brought together 30 representatives of different CSOs, members of Ana Lindh Turkey Network. The underpinning aim of this training was to equip the participants with information regarding the successful methods and ways to strengthen their financial capacities within their organization. Two workshop were held so that the participants could directly be involved and get an interaction communication with the trainers and each other. The training was successfully conducted with the logistic support of the two backstopping actors who were involved as well in the welcoming speech and sharing the timetable of the activities to be carried out under the frame of ALF Turkey Network.