S&G: System and Generation Association is a non-profit organization established in 2008.

From that time tolerance, cooperation, social help and integration are our aims.

We are here to provide young people from different cultures empower tolerance, encourage their entrepreneurial spirit, helping them acquire knowledge and qualifications, cooperating in mobility with international institutions. 

System and Generation gets into the act about; increasing of economic growth, providing efficiency about increasing of production, sustaining the production, sustainability that cares socioeconomic needs and planning that analyze the problems, and also with the belief of projecting Process, considering co-working culture by reaching this target as the best way, combining the systems which made in EU and creativity of our citizens especially the youth. Our organization is the member of few international networks and their representative of Turkey: Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue Between Cultures.

Co-Coordinator of Turkish Network: http://www.annalindhfoundation.org/networks/turkey

Co-working is our point of view by reaching this target as the best way, combining the systems which made in EU and creativity of our young citizens.

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  • To encourage youth by establishing partnership and trans-national exchanges, preparing a common environment for Turkish and European youths; to inform and support for running European Projects; to promote young people’s active citizenship;
  • To develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, in particular in order to foster social cohesion
  • To foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries
  • To inform the entrepreneurs about entrepreneurship and to perform the applications that will encourage the youth about entrepreneurship.
  • To make a collaboration and operations at youth area with Youth National Agencies, Education-Visual-Audiovisual and Culture Implementation Agency, Salto Source Centres, Eurodesk Network, Youth Area Commision and Europian Council.
  • To increase the awareness of youth, NGOs, universities on project management, preparation, execution and assessment.
  • To answer questions,free of charge- by telephone , by visiting, by e-mail, fax, etc. 
  • Organizing activities,conferences and seminars, etc.;
  • Network access to Europe information;
  • Provide education and support services;
  • To make collaborations and collective works with associate and candidate countries‘ representative offices through the purposes of association’s aims, in order to enhance the dialogue between European Union and Turkey.
  • To conduct and drive evaluation and information works that are about the effect of integration procedure on community, society, SMEs, NGO’s.
  • To follow up the Turkey – EU deliberations and consultations and to define the areas to which are probable of furnishing an assistance and to work on this topic,
  • To make necessary advertisings and presentations and information works, in our country and abroad, on the way of Turkey’s membership and with this aim, to provide orientations and make coordinations of the activities of association and association offices in the country and on abroad,
  • To follow up the programmes of our country, EU, World Bank, UNDP and other donations that are related with youth, NGOs, SMEs, civic governments  and to prepare projects about these subjects and to participate in the projects related with these topics, as a participant or a partner, 
  • To prepare regional and zonal improvement and development projects and to participate in the projects related with these topics, as a participant or a partner, 
  • To make colaborations with domestic and abroad organizations such as technocities,universities, industry and commerce accomodations; for the improvement and development projects and to asses these colaborations to a protocole. 


  • To make research and meetings, conferences, seminars, panels, open sessions, symposiums , abroad educations and adult educations, 
  • To reseach for improvement and activation of activities,
  • To provide action and social conditions by meeting the domestic appertainings, related with EU, of the NGOs, private sectors, publics( Parliament and Ministerial Offices, associations and firms)  
  • To organize culture and art activities,
  • To make a colaboration with and/or to be an associate to related domestic and abroad community/public establishments, universities, NGOs, real and legal people, international establishments and firms with similar purposes ( associations, foundations, charities, platforms, corporation networks, etc),
  • To make regional and sectoral research, to make scientific and academic research or make someone to do research, and with this aim, to prepare protocoles and to sign them,
  • To make time-bounded and trasient actions in the country and on abroad related with every written printed press, internet, computer programmes etc and to make a web site and to establish a communication center,
  • To make or to make someone to do surveys and gallup pools, 
  • To buy/ hire/ rent/sell the chattels and demesnes that are needed by the topics/subjects of purposes and activities, 
  • To make actions at international area that are suitable to related rules.
  • To take up testaments, to accept and devote  any kind of donations and aid, suited to related legislation.



Project and Business Development, Specialized in PCM, Experienced in Assessment of EU Funded Projects and Regional Development Projects minimum 20 years



Youth Trainer, Specialized in PCM, Assessment of EU Funded Projects and Regional Developments Project. Regarding the non-formal education and Erasmus +, excellent skills in preparation and implementation of projects minimum 15 years. Board Member for ENYC..


Finance and Administration - EVS Coordinator for 2014-1-TR01-KA110-00038 (Volunteering for Generation)


EVS Coordinator for (2008-TR-30) (Join our Learning Oriented Journey), Responsible for EVS volunteers in organisation.
Bledi Cami

Bledi CAMI

Project Development, International Networks, Reporting.


Trainer, Project Development and Coordination, Manager of Public Relations and Visualization.                           


Technical Coordinator & Field Works
Aykut Hasan Sevinç

Aykut Hasan SEVİNÇ



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