SUMMARY: JOIN OUR JOURNEY III project has been developed upon the experience of last 5 years of EVS Hosting, Sending and Coordinating. It is planned as a journey of Learning, to raise European Consciousness and getting the EVS volunteer involved in society developing skills and inclusion in the S&G Youth Info Office and Youth Info Caravan Activities.  EVS volunteer will have the opportunity to participate in many different activities and projects throughout the EVS. These main activities can be categorized in two parts as office works and outdoor activities. Purpose of EVS in S&G is: Youth Information and empowerment activities applying Project Development, Media& Communication at S&G in order to develop personal, educational and professional skills of Volunteers.


1.     Contributing to Youth Caravan preparation, traveling with caravan, participating in festivals and attending conferences on relevant European issues

2.     Representing his/her culture in Youth Caravan Trips and meetings (indoor & outdoor activities)

3.     Participating in fundraising activities for the benefit of S&G

4.     Developing/implementing and participating in projects (TC, seminar, YE) from Erasmus +

5.      Writing and Editing articles about the project in which they are involved, life of youth people in Ankara, for YouTHelegraph online magazine for youth on their own language, English and Turkish (translated from our staff) updating the website of S&G, Conducting conversation Club Activities

6.      Taking photos, videos about the events and working on video production

7.     Organizing Intercultural Events under S&G Club Activities, every volunteer will present him/her country with food, music, dance, videos in the front of our Turkish volunteers and staff.

APPLICANT ORGANIZATION: System and Generation.

PARTNER COUNTRIES: Bulgaria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Finland, United Kingdom Moldova Germany Hungary, Georgia, Spain, Ukraine, Italy, Greece.


WHERE AND WHEN: Ankara, 01.02.2016-31.01.2017





The NesilFEST

SUMMARY: The NesilFEST (Generation Festival) was developed as an output of the local project called AYNA which our organization implemented last year in cooperation with Turkish Ministry of Family and Social Policy. The idea of the project is to organize a better communication between youth and elderly people, by involving them in different activities. The Project consists of diverse modules for the developement of different skills and competences. As System and Generation Association, we want to host groups of 28 volunteers on 2 months short term EVS, within the Volunteering for Generation-NesilFEST2015 Project starting from November 2015. There will be 7 volunteers from Serbia, Italy, Slovakia, Romania, Macedonia, Spain and Bulgaria. Now we are looking for 7 new volunteers. We have planned a learning-oriented course for our volunteers in preparation-execution-dissemination of NesilFEST. In an age that inter-generational interaction is declining, we want to carry out the NesilFEST, which is the product of a successfully completed project called Active Lifestyle-Oriented Inter-generational Interaction Model Project, four times a year. During the project, which is an example of social entrepreneurship, mainly non-formal education methods will be used and “meeting of generations” themed activities and workshops will be held. Within the framework of NesilFEST preparations, there are five modules to be applied; Consideration and Dialogue oriented Volunteering for Generation: 5 o'clock teas will be organized, journeys will be planned, young and elder individuals will improve their communication by musical and trekking activities. Technology and Information Retrieval Oriented Volunteering for Generation: Young volunteers will explain to the elders how the internet, computers and cell phones work. Being able to use communication technologies in times of need/crisis will increase the quality of life of the elder population.

Experience Sharing oriented Volunteering for Generation: In this module, memories, knowledge, experiences and photos of artists and craftsmen are shared. Manufacturing oriented Volunteering for Generation: Cooking, knitting and ceramics workshops in NesilKAFE, which will be an example of social entrepreneurship. Fitness-oriented Volunteering for Generation: Exercises accompanied by physical therapists/volunteers will be done to decrease the risk of disease and contribute to the healthy development of future generations. Social Responsibility Oriented Volunteering for Generation: All preparations for NesilFEST will be coordinated by young and adult individuals. Products of the workshops and modules will be shared with the public. As conclusion, our goal is to support adult productivity, youth individuality and youth bio-psycho-social development with learning-focused workshops and activities. Our goal is to support adult productivity, youth individuality and youth bio-psycho-social competences with learning-oriented workshops and activities.



  1. Organizing/Assisting/Facilitating physical activities for elderly (physical exercises, games(Möllky, Bocce), cultural visits, walks in the Nature)
  2. Representing his/her culture during cultural events (indoor & outdoor activities)
  3. Participating in fund raising activities (selling handmade stuff in NesilKAFE or NesilKARAVAN)
  4. Organizing workshops (handicraft, cooking, activities with kids)
  5. Organizing service and leisure for elderly  
  6. Taking photos, videos about the events, working on video production updating the website of S&G, and working on promotion materials
  7. Organizing cultural events (dance evenings, song evenings, theatre, music)
  8. Preparing YouTHelegraph and Video of Volunteering for Generation NesilFEST2015 activities.


  APPLICANT ORGANIZATION: System and Generation.

  PARTNER COUNTRIES: Serbia, Italy, Slovakia, Romania, Macedonia, Spain and Bulgaria.


WHERE AND WHEN: Ankara, 17.11.2015-31.09.2016



Participatory Video as a Tool for Young Volunteers

SUMMARY: The EVS volunteer's role will be to provide additional support to the instructors and other staff working closely with qualified staff who will provide support and supervision at all time. This provides the opportunity to the EVS volunteers to share their own culture within their projects and with the local community. This will bring a new, international dimension which will benefit everyone.


TASKS: Volunteers will participate in instructive activities, educational services. Their role would be consistent with the opportunities and responsibility. Mission volunteers will always be led by educator and rehabilitator. Volunteers will have the opportunity to submit their own country and culture by organizing food, exhibitions, slide-show examples. Volunteers will participate in educational activities educators by helping people with disabilities in the manufacture of pottery, cards, posters and more. We will organize their time to visit the institutions, cafes, public spaces, galleries, theatre, movies and more. They will support people with disabilities in their daily activities - nutrition, hygiene, dressing. The participants will take part in festivals and celebrations of the association and the day care centre. Volunteers will organize activities during leisure customers - such as painting, music, hiking, and more. Finally, the volunteer will have the opportunity to develop a personal project related activities and objectives of the day care centre and the host organization. Throughout her voluntary service volunteer will be able to shoot a variety of subjects from the life of the organization, to study their experience of working with young people and convey team meeting to develop concepts for future participation video, Workshop about " How to create participation video"

APPLICANT ORGANIZATION: System and Generation.

PARTNER COUNTRIES: Turkey, Spain, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria


WHERE AND WHEN: Ankara, 01.02.2016-31.01.2017




How to apply

To apply for EVS vacancy in Project, please fill on-line form or send your CV and Motivation letter to: with the subject: “Name of the Project”.

Potential candidates will be invite for Skype interwiev by email before the selection.

Selected volunteers will be informed by email as soon as decision taken by EVS Selection Committee of S&G