President Demirel, who hosted ERASMUS volunteers, told about the process of fighting against the pandemic:


Etimesgut Mayor Enver Demirel, hosted 16 Volunteers from the ERASMUS European Solidarity Program (ESC), hosted by System and Generation Association. The volunteers come from Italy, Albania, Spain, Macedonia and Georgia.      

Volunteers visited the only center in Turkey named “Life Without Barriers – Engelsiz Yasam” and received information from the authorities. Volunteers expressed that in Etimesgut they give importance to disabled people and to their families.  Also Hulusi Armagan Yıldırım, the head of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy was present in the meeting.


President Demirel gave information about the social support of the municipality's fight against coronavirus.

Mr. Demirel said that the world is going through a very difficult time ′′ This process once again showed that, not only the country's interests, but we have to think about the common interests of all humanity. At this point, Turkey has helped not only its own people, also by delivering essential materials to different countries in the fight against COVID19 such as mask and disinfectant”


Mr. Demirel said that at the point of implementation of the taken measures and fast removal of possible disasters, local governments have a very important role, claiming: ′′Unfortunately, many deaths have occurred in nursing homes in many European countries and in the world, related to coronavirus. We took measures at the highest level in our nursing homes, we looked after them carefully. Thanks to the measures we had taken, we have never experienced any loss related to coronavirus. In our culture, respect for ATA holds a very important place. By establishing the Service unit (ETI-ATA), for Etimesgut’s people. we met all the needs of our citizens over 65 years old and the ones with chronic illness, such as shopping, health, banking, who could not leave their home. We delivered hot food to our people, health workers, police officers, and we continue to deliver 5 thousand meals per day from our ASEV(eating house), to our people in the isolation process that were positive to corona. We allocated our health workers in 5-star hotel near the hospital they work, in order to protect their relatives and do their work more efficiently ".


Mr. Demirel emphasized that they have not left those in need alone, especially those who were negatively affected by the process, and the number of people they provided social support exceeded 30 thousands. Demirel continued his words like this:"In order to avoid gatherings, during the curfew, our municipality's public bread factory produced for 24 hours. Every day we delivered more than 100 thousand bread to the houses of our citizens. We have continued online training in order to prevent treatment and training of our disabled people in pandemic period. We informed them about the process by going home, increased their morale and motivation. And most importantly, we care about cleaning, mask, distance, which is considered a must for the fight against pandemic. We are doing disinfection work with certain periods in 200 schools, 140 mosques, all streets, streets, park and green areas in our district. We regularly disinfect our markets, jobs, public institutions and organizations. Together with the new process of normalizing, we are following the applications of the measures taken by official institutions in the field very closely ".