System & Generation Association, as member and in collaboration with CEV- Centre for European Volunteering, is starting a new cycle of Virtual Webinars, with sessions carried out by the S&G international ESC volunteers. 
The aim is to promote active citizenship and to raise awareness on relevant issues related to our contemporary society, by involving youth from different countries and fostering their fruitful interaction. 
The webinars will last for 1:15h and they will be implemented, twice a month, through a first introductive theoretical part, to get participants more familiar with the topic and the definitions, followed by an interactive second part, where the participants will have the opportunity to give their contribution, sharing their knowledge, observations and opinions about the subject discussed, through the moderation of our ESC volunteers.

The first session was successfully deliver on the 24th of July, on the thematic of the "No Hate Speech" movement, with the joint participation of youth from 9 different countries (Romania, Italy, Turkey, Lybia, Russia, Algeria, Albania, Pakistan, Israel). 
The further topics that will be discussed in the next sessions are: 

1) Hate speech (DONE)
2) Bullying
3) Domestic violence
4) Toxic masculinity
5) Addictions and unhealthy lifestyle
6) Social Media abuse
7) LGBT rights
8) Human rights
9) Poverty
10) Migrants and refugees
11) Gender Equality
12) Artificial Intelligence

Please, find the promo links of the first session, promoted in collaboration with CEV - Centre for European Volunteering: