In the morning of the 6th of December 2019, representatives of System and Generation Association were invited to the Turkish National Agency for a working meeting.
In his first international mission, @EU_Commission VP Margaritis SCHINAS visited Turkish National Agency.
Deputy Minister&Dir.for EU Affairs Amb.Faruk KAYMAKCI and Director of @ulusalajans İlker ASTARCI hosted him.
He chatted with @EUErasmusPlus students&volunteers. Please find HERE the Twitter.

Mr. Gurkan Akçaer, Esmeralda, Liliana and Jacopo took part in this encounter, and had the chance to deliver a fruitfull discussion with the highest representative of the Turkish National Agency on important and relevant aspects of the Erasmus+ and its impact on youth's lives.
It underlined the committment that System and Generation Association has taken since its establishment towards promoting volunteering, and the main possible challenges that the organization may face in the future. Discussing these aspects brought the chance to the representatives of S&G to provide some practical advice and suggestions in order to facilitate more and more youth in the process of being involved in volunteering abroad, especially related to visa issues. 
Students, project representatives and volunteers who had already gained Erasmus experience&are experiencing this excitement were also with us. We exchanged views on Erasmus + and listened to the experiences of our Erasmus + beneficiaries. Please find HERE the Twitter. 
The President of the Turkish National Agency thanked S&G for its high commitment taken in the volunteering field, and for the recommendations offered, and stated his willingness to keep working together to achieve the common objectives.