System and Generation is delighted to announce the start of a very innovative and boastful project : Get Empowered with Entrepreneurial minds, Knowledge and Strategies - Young GEEKS'.

This project has a length of 14 months and will give the chance to 7 youth from Turkey to gain knowledge, develop their entrepreneurial ideas and turn them into action.

During this project there will be implemented two Training Courses:  The first will take place in the city of Korca in Albania (in April) and the second one in the capital of North Macedonia, in Skopje (in June).

Both trainings will have a duration of 1 week.

This an European Union funded project therefore all the expenses such as: travel, food, accommodation will be covered. 

Travel budget: 275 EUR.

Profile of the participants: 

Youth workers who are active in the entrepreneurship field seeking assistance in improving their competences with a special focus in one of the following fields: Agritourism, Agribusiness, Tourism or ICT;

- Youth workers, who are supporting young entrepreneurs in their local community, developing project ideas;

- Young leaders with entrepreneurial ideas aiming to develop a business plan and improving substantially their business skills;

- Youth involved in entrepreneurial community of startup events, accelerators programs and incubators;

- Youngers who possess strong motivation to strengthen their knowledge on entrepreneurship and Erasmus+ Program possibilities while working on development of new ideas that would lead to new projects, enterprises or activities empowering young people;

- Youth entrepreneurs interested to take part in non-formal base activities and are open to work in multicultural environment.


Project’s aims:

- To connect various youth organizations and youth focused on entrepreneurship as well as to provide them an opportunity to network and exchange of experience for potential long-term cross-sectoral collaboration;

- Connect and establish a non-formal e-learning system through innovative tools while building a ‘Collaboration Platform’ which will enable continuous sharing of ideas, e-learning, best practices used;

- To strengthen competencies of the representatives of the NGOs and youth leaders on fostering youth entrepreneurship;

- Empower youth through increasing and building capacity in the field of start-up business model and achieve the goal of running new businesses as a tool of fighting youth unemployment;


IMPORTANT NOTE: It is mandatory for the participants to attend two trainings, the one in Albania in April and the second one in Macedonia in June. If you think that you might not be available attending both trainings, please avoid applying for this vacancy. 


To find out more about this Training Course, please check INFOPACK HERE

How to apply: Download the APPLICATION FORM  fill it out and together with your CV send it to: by stating the title of the training at the subject part.