We are now starting the recruitment for ESC volunteering activities in Denmark 2024. Based on previous positive experiences, we would be very happy to get applications from candidates who are represented by your organisations.
We currently have 11 calls for volunteers open on our website, 3 of the opportunities have a deadline for applications this year. In the coming month there will be a further 5 calls opened and posted. 
You are very welcome to promote all of the open ESC calls on our website, however, we would like to start with prioritising the 3 opportunities with deadlines for candidate applications this year:
Please be aware that the final selection of candidates are made by the hosting organisations.
If you have any questions or comments about these three ESC opportunities, or the other ESC projects on our website, please do not hesitate to call me. 
If it is ok with you, I will be in touch next month, with details of our other ESC hosting activities planned for 2024.
Wishing you a nice day!
Kind regards / De bedste hilsner,
Daniel James Shillcock
ESC Program Coordinator 
Email: daniel.shillcock@afs.org 
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