System and Generation Association is looking for 4 volunteers for long term ESC projects in Kokkola, Finland

All the volunteers work 35 h/week and the project starts in September. The duration of the project is 8-12 months. Here is information about the other hosting organisations:

Kälviä (One volunteer): In Kälviä the hosting organisation is the 4H organization. The volunteers’ work tasks include all the work done at the 4H club: organizing club activities, courses, camps and events. Kälviä 4H club organizes many kind of courses and clubs in different parts of the villages of Kälviä so that children and young people have the possibility to participate to activities and happenings near their homes. The program can be for example chess club, cooking club, hobby horse club, nature club, and the volunteer can also plan their own club/course activities. When working in Kälviä the volunteer lives in Villa Elba.

Veteli (Two volunteers): In Veteli the hosting organization is the 4H organization. The volunteer’s work tasks include all the work done at the 4H club: planning and organizing club activities, courses, camps and events. Typical tasks can for example be helping at courses for children and young people, planning and leading courses and events such as nature trips, pet clubs, cooking clubs, swimming courses etc. The volunteers will live in an apartment in Veteli center.

Ranua (One volunteer): The volunteer works with the staff of Ranua youth services. The work tasks are for example working at a local youth centre, organizing events (sports, culture) with the personnel, reporting, photographing, updating webpages and writing a blog once a week. The volunteer can also visit local schools and kindergartens and tell about their work and about their own country and culture. The volunteer participates in organizing events, trips and camps. They can also work at a workshop for unemployed young people. The volunteer also helps in daily tasks such as office work, maintaining gear etc. The volunteer will be staying at the adult education institutes dormitory, they will have their own room but shared bathroom and kitchen.

Please find the INFOPACK with the volunteers' tasks