System and Generation Association is looking for volunteers for a new project that will take place in Kokkola, Finland between 2nd August to 31st August 2020.


Profile of the volunteer:

- Remarkable Motivation

- Sense of Responsibility

- Proactive and Respectful

- Willingness to be a volunteer;
- Readiness to collaborate, be supportive and be flexible to the project activities;

Working hours and holidays:

Volunteers work 5 days a week, approximately 35 hours / week.  The working hours are usually from 9-16 including lunch break, but sometimes work times can vary if we decide to organise public events.

Volunteers have holidays 24-25.8.2020.  

Pocket money:

Volunteers get pocket money 150 € / person. Pocket money is paid in cash in 3 parts during the project.

Please NOTE: Due to the current situation where embassies are not open to visa issuing, and due to the short time to the project starting date, Green Passport Holders will have advantage to join the project.


Find out more about the project: INFOPACK HERE

Please download THIS FILE, fill it out and together with your CV send it to :, stating the title of the project 'Magic Forests of Trolls' at subject part. Send your application no longer than 7th July 2020