System and Generation Association in collaboration with Interkultur Denmark is looking for volunteers for the following projects:

- Middelaldercentret - 4 volunteers: 03.05.21-31.10.21

- Kassebølle Friskole - 1 volunteer: 01.04.21-31.03.22


Please go through this link to find out more about these ESC opportunities:


Please be noted that you should send your candidacy (CV and this APPLICATION FORM) to:,  writing as subject the title of the project.


Its very important to DOWNLOAD and FILL OUT this APPLICATION FORM as it contains the information of System and Generation Association which will be your supporting organization for this project.  

NOTE: Dont try to fill it through google drive, you should download the file!

The application form given in the website does not have the details of S&G which might be  a reason for having your application declined.


Good luck!