Our common path is a project gathering 10 persons from around Europe to Central-Ostrobothnia 26.8-4.10.2019.

Profile of participants:
The participants are young people seeking new possibilities to their lives. You can be unemployed, face educational, economic or social challenges or have low language skills.
We wish that the volunteers are interested in the nature and in national park. Work is physical and outdoors. There is no need of previous experiences, just the interest to try it
out and learn more!

During the project, volunteer can, for an example learn to:

  •  design outdoor trekking routes and areas together with experts in the field
  •  build and refurbish various types of outdoor routes and areas according to the plans given
  •  build hiking trails for the needs of different users
  •  use the most common tools used to produce route structures
  •  use personal protective equipment, take into account occupational safety and maintain work ability
  •  promote sustainable development practice

Pocket money:
Volunteers get pocket money 200 € (40 days * 5 € /day). The pocket money is paid in cash in two parts.



Please send us your ESC Refference number together with your application. You can register HERE



You have to apply for each project individually! You have to prepare specific Motivation letter for each project you want to apply for!

In case we receive the same documents for 2 different projects, we will reject both of them!

DEADLINE for sending your applications - 15.July.2019


Send your CV and Motivation letter to evswithsystemandgeneration@gmail.com

Fill out the Registration Form

Requirements for Motivation letter:

1. Make it short

2. Include the most important information -

                   who are you?

                   why you want this project?

                   with what you can contribute to this project?

                   why we have to select you out of the 200 other candidates?

3. Read and follow our GUIDE and THIS LINK for more information

4. Please do not write about your family! You are the applicant, not your mother, brother, grandfather etc.

5. Please do not write about your primary school or tell the story of your life! We have your CV to see this information!

6. Please do not include photos in your Motivation letter. If you insist on adding photos - please prepare a portfolio in a separate file!


Your motivation letter will be the document determining if you will continue on the second round of the selection process.

Motivation letters that do not meet the requirements will be automatically rejected.

Applications with sending organization, different than S&G will be automatically rejected.

Only selected participants will be contacted through e-mail!