The EVS project “ACTIV-ARTE“ promotes the participation of three young people in the activities of the Association Residui Teatro.

The project lasts 12 months and has the aim to involve the three young people in the activities of art-education, using arts, and in specific theatre, as educative tool for personal and communitarian transformation.

The project will be developed in the city of Madrid, in the CENTRO DE ARTESANÍA DE LAS ARTES ESCÉNICAS (CAAE), multiethnic island in the heart of the city, in Calle Ercilla 48, a place dedicated to the art-education as a way to promote the personal, social and political transformation.

The volunteers will participate in community activities focused to raise awareness about: inclusion, human rights, children rights, rights of people with different abilities.
During the project, the volunteers will learn and build useful skills, competencies and abilities that they can use to make the leap into future work contexts.


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