"United we Play!" expresses the main belief of the 7 inclusive organizations gathered in this partnership: that we achieve better results and higher satisfaction when having cooperative and integrated groups of young people (with a special focus for blind and visually impaired) who create and join artistic activities and educational workshops based on dialogue, games, music & arts.

The specific themes of this youth exchange are:
1) “Inclusion & equity”
2) "Health & Well-being"
3) “Creativity & Culture”.

The main objectives are:
1. Take care of participants through workshops of health, well-being & inter-culture.
2. Break stereo-types and shed light on the participating countries & people.
3. Offer participants the opportunity to prepare, lead and evaluate group activities also while keeping in mind potential work occupations.
4. Inform participants about further opportunities provided by the Erasmus+ SubProgrammes: YOUTH (intercultural exchanges, volunteering, training courses), VET vocational working training abroad; UNIVERSITY study abroad.
5. Spread healthy values such diversity, brotherhood, inclusion, sharing, well-being.
6. Promote non formal education, very functional for youth activation.
7. Invest in the follow-up activities brainstormed and structured by participants. 

Please find more information about this project in the INFOPACK
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