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SCRIBERSHIVE-T.C in UK - Looking for one participant,

A.3. Final meeting and showcase event in UK: 27th October 2019 (arrive) - 01st November 2019 (depart)
As described in the original project info, each partner should send 3 participants with the following profile:
- Youth leaders age 21-30 (we can consider 18-21 or 30+ in special cases)
- Interested in journalism and creative media
- Interested in cultural / intercultural topics particularly connected with migrant communities
- One person with writing skills; one person with art / graphic design skills; one person with video or podcasting skills
- All participants must be committed to taking part in all parts of the project, including local activities.
There is a participation fee of €70 for this T.C.
Our KA1 project will promote the ScribersHive concept around Europe, using the same methodology but with a focus on migration issues and intercultural dialogue. The aim is to understand other European and migrant cultures from the inside and the outside, appreciate differences and similarities, and confront stereotypes, preconceptions and prejudices, particularly in relation to migrant communities. The project will be in 3 phases, with local activity in between:

Phase 1: training course in UK. Participants will learn about ScribersHive, review results of the UK pilot project and meet young people involved. They will then take part in a full simulation of the ScribersHive process (so they completely understand it) and make action plans for working with young people back home. Additional training will be given on journalism. Followed by LOCAL ACTIVITY 1: work with young people to produce written articles about social or cultural life in their own country. Finished articles will be collected by You Press for publication on the website.

Phase 2: training course in another country (to be confirmed). Participants will review progress and be given additional training in graphics, podcasting and video making. Followed by LOCAL ACTIVITY 2: within each partner group, written articles from country A are passed to young people in country B, B to C, and C to A. Each group will interpret the article they have received, and create a graphic (comic strip) from it. Finished graphics will be collected by You Press for publication on the website. LOCAL ACTIVITY 3: another exchange of material from one country to another in each partner group. This time, each group interprets the graphic, and turns it into a podcast or video. Finished podcasts and videos will be collected by You Press for publication on the website.

Phase 3(The one you will be attending): Showcase / dissemination event and evaluation meeting in UK. All participants come together again to review and disseminate the project results, and to plan follow-up activities.

Send us your CV
Please when sending the email write as subject : SCRIBERSHIVE-T.C in UK.
Preferably looking for someone who doesn't need visa for UK!
Looking forward to have your applications!