"System and Generation Association" is looking for 5 participants(aged 17-25) for the Training Course "Inclusion/some problems dissapear only if you bring them closer" that will take place in Prilep from 26th/October to 31st/October 2019. 


Project aims to:

- To develop self-presenting skills, job interview skills, entrepreneurship skills;
- To motivate young people to develop themselves in career building;
- To develop communication and soft skills;
- To give participants new knowledge and skills: how to write CV and motivation letter;
- To raise awareness about personal skills, competences, interests and strong features;
- To introduce the Erasmus+ program as a tool for personal growth and cultural convergence;
- To improve language skills and find new friends and partners;
- To learn new cultures and tradition of participants countries, in order to be able to deal with cultural
differences in work environment;
- To learn how to behave in a multicultural society;
- To gain and improve the 8 Key competences and skills through Youthpass process – to learn about the Youthpass and it’s potential

5+1 team leader per country / 6 in total
Age limit: 17-25 for participants

TRAVEL COSTS LIMIT (per participant

Turkey = 275€



26.10.2019 ARRIVAL
31.10.2019 DEPARTURE



If you are interested submit you application via the REGISTRATION FORM. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION  15 SEPTEMBER 2019!