This project “Remembrance Trails”, will take place in Kryoneri Korinthia (Greece), consists from four volunteering team projects, involving 5 European programme countries (Greece, Italy, Austria, Finland, Spain) and 1 of the third countries associated to the programme Türkiye. The volunteering projects will take place during the 4 periods:

First between 1st -31st of May 2023, 
The second period during 1st -30th of September 2023, 
Third during 1st -31st of May 2024,
The last part will be during 1st -30th of September 2024 

Gathering four Team volunteering projects with 48 young volunteers with less opportunities in total. The objective of these "Remembrance Trails" projects are raising the awareness of and preserving Europe’s cultural heritage, ‘fostering action, practical activities, debate and reflection related to European citizenship and democracy, shared values, common history and culture’ and ‘bringing Europe closer to its citizens by promoting Europe’s values, while preserving the memory of its past’.

Main focus in this project is on memory, rural and sustainable development in terms of historic and environmental protection. The idea of this project is to empower young people and their organisations in terms of Active European Remembrance, social and environmental responsibility. New participatory and inter-cultural approaches to heritage will be promoted.

Through different activities offered to, young volunteers and especially those with fewer opportunities, a serious chance to do something new, positive and special in their lives will be given to them. All activities will have visible results and impact to the local community. The results are meant to be used by schools and education institutes and in this way, they will have longer term benefits.