My name is Melika Nematollahi. I am 23 years old and I come from Iran. I hold a bachelor degree in urban planning. I have always been interested in doing volunteering activities, since I consider it as one of the best ways to help myself and others, build my personality in a desirable way and become ready for personal and social challenges. I also experienced a volunteering job as a mathematic teacher in the past. 
Talking about the Disabled Free Fest project, it's a great experience for me, to understand how humans are the same and how they share the same feelings regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or different kind of physical, mental, or emotional disabilities. 
To sum up, as a volunteer I have great feelings to spend time in a friendly and beautiful country. Turkey can be one of the best countries to enjoy nature and spectacular cities, to try new food and meet up pure hearts and affectionate people.