ASIGM Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Trainings Begin! It consists of Different Training Videos prepared by Expert Trainers on Training Program Subjects.

ASIGM E1: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation
ASIGM E2: Examples of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation from Turkey and the World
ASIGM E3: Target and Problem Analysis
ASIGM E4: Social Impact Analysis
ASIGM E5: Introduction to Project Writing and Management
ASIGM E6: Starting and Financing a Business
ASIGM E7: Legal Processes in the Institutionalization of Social Entrepreneurship
ASIGM E8: Feasibility and Business Plan Preparation in Social Entrepreneurship
ASIGM E9: Creating a Business Model
ASIGM E10: Branding and Strategy
ASIGM E11: Relations and Cooperation
ASIGM E12: Use of Digital Tools in Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation
ASIGM E13: Communication and Campaign Design
ASIGM E14: Leadership and Innovative Thinking
-Social Problems and Solution Seminars (Webinar) will be opened only to those who have completed their training. It is expected that they have also solved the exam questions.
-Training Video Access Link:
 It will be sent to the e-mail addresses of those who fill out the form.
All training videos must be watched. Last Viewed: August 10, 2021
-Those who complete the training must answer the Exam Questions online between 11-21 August 2021 (20 questions for each Lesson).
-It is free to attend the trainings. Certificates will be given to the participants by ASBUSİM (Ankara Social Sciences University Social Innovation Center) and S&G (System and Generation).