Hello everyone, I'm Ezgi Sümeyye Sözer. 
I am 23 years old.  In January I had the opportunity to participate in a European solidarity program project in Sofia, Bulgaria.  First of all, I would like to thank my sending organization, system & generation, and my host organization, the international youth center, for professional management of this process and for their assistance!  Mostly because they included me in a project that could change my perspective on the world so much.

 In our project, we would work with the Red Cross in various activities.  However, due to the pandemic, we could not be very active in this sense.  Still, this experience was a unique experience for me.  Because during the two months we stayed, I had a lot of local friends and exchanged culture and language with them, so I had different perspectives.  I had very good days there and made valuable friendships in such a short time as these two months.  Bulgaria is not going to be the first and last city in my life, we will visit our friends again as soon as possible!  I am very excited for this.

 Bulgaria was a very different and beautiful experience in my life and I can say that it even changed my future plans in such a short time.  Because I have really met different people with completely different thoughts and cultures.  I shared my knowledge and love with those people because you know that knowledge and love grows as I share it, and I hope I get the chance to participate in another long-term project and develop more personally and in a sense!