First of all I should say that, it was my first time attending a volunteering project in another country and getting out my comfort zone, so I think this alone is a huge experience for me. I didn’t know what was awaiting for me and what would I encounter when I arrive there. But all this uncertainty just made my experience more unique because I always like the element of surprise and it helps to overcome the difficulties which a person may encounter. I would like to mention about my project shortly. I volunteered for 2,5 months in the Republic of North Macedonia. During my project we organized different events with the high school students and middle school students, we taught them and learned from them many things, also we prepared online articles about many topics and organized online meetings. My timing for EVS was not the best because of the whole coronavirus situation. But I can say that with no hesitation, if I could time travel to 2 months ago I still would attend this project. Because I met and befriended with great people from different countries and I got the chance to learn many things (new cultures, habits, songs, literatures, songs, etc.) from them. Also I travelled many cities in Macedonia and tried different things. Apart from all of these I improved my English and also learned basic Macedonian. I believe everyone should be able to attend EVS because I really can say it is a life changing experience. It expands your horizon and helps your self-improvement. So I can strongly recommend you to apply for EVS and if you already decide to participate EVS don’t ever second thought about it.

 Thank you for reading.