I arrived in Macedonia for an ESC in the city of Prilep. It was my first visit to Macedonia. When I first arrived in Skopje airport, I was impressed by some bad corona situation, and also I was waiting for 1 month for the borders to be open. When I arrived at Prilep bus station, I was welcomed by Evgenija and Meri and other volunteers that waited for me at the apartment. The other volunteers are from France and Italy. I must say that there was 7 degrees temperature difference between Bursa and Prilep, and that was very overwhelming.

Actually, I feel lucky cause we have too much common things, food, word and history between Turkey and Macedonia. The local people are friendly and they are ready to help. If they know you are from Turkey, they try to speak Turkish :) so, its really amazing and good things for me

Maybe there why I get used to live in Prilep.  I improved myself, communication skills English and also I can speak Macedonian and, I visited 6 Macedonian cities and Albania during  project time, it was enjoyable time for me.

I've many friends who lives in Prilep. I sure that we'll see each other in the future. It was not only project, it was one of the most important part in my life, it was one of the most beautiful parts in my life.

If I have one more chance, sure I choose same place same people same volunteers (other volunteers)