This is not just about going abroad.


Actually, I did not know what I would encounter when I got on the plane. I was just going to Portugal. It was the only thing I was sure of. I didn't have the faintest idea about the people waiting for me, the jobs I was going to do, the difficulties. But when I look back now, I can admit that all those fears are ridiculous, considering what this wonderful (yes this is a big word, but it is) experience has brought me.

EVS has contributed a lot to me. Maybe it is not possible to list them all here, but I have to say that the most important of these were my friends. I would like to say that the connection established there is very valuable.

Maybe I had a bad year to do EVS. Because Covid-19. But I still think that this has enabled us to demonstrate a different example of solidarity.

I would like to briefly talk about my project. I volunteered for 10 months in the Portuguese town of Castelo De Vide. It was a sweet town with its nature, people and historical texture. It was peaceful.

Here, we have prepared documentaries about works that have lost their popularity. I worked in almost all processes from recording to editing the video.

Language development is probably one of the most visible developments. I made my English more fluent and learned Portuguese at a vocabulary level.

I had the opportunity to meet young people from many European countries.

I have been to many cities in Portugal.

In my own personal journey, I had the opportunity to ask questions such as "who am I" and "Who do I want to be".

I had the opportunity to reflect on my abilities and developed hobbies that I really enjoyed.

I had dialogues with people from so many different cultures on many different topics and improved my communication skills.

During the quarantine times, we created a video series with my association. You can find many videos on the channel. Link to my video:

I want you to recall the first sentence of the article. And I add that when I came back I had a very different vision of my life.

Thank you if you have read so far.

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