When I found out that they had volunteer projects with Evs, I applied to many places.  I was eventually elected to Romania.  I had no idea about there.  However, I volunteered for 1 year in Craiova.  I went to Bucharest and then to Craiova by train.  Thank you them, my coordinator and my other volunteer friend welcomed me.  After that, they helped me a lot.  In our project, we were taking photos and videos about Craiova and then sharing it on social media.  Our coordinator and mentors were guiding and helping us within the scope of this project.  Then I talked to my association because we had a lot of free time.  I worked as a volunteer at the school for a while. We were helping students prepare for class and spending time with them during recess.
 I was there on Romania's Ziua Romaniei, the Romanian National Day. I experienced the excitement of the new year, everything there. I celebrated Christmas for the first time in my life.  I had that excitement there.  Our association set up a Christmas table for us and made us a surprise.  We decorated the Christmas tree together.  Then my friend, whom I love so much, that I got along so well, and who is now like my brother, gave a birthday surprise. He also received a gift for me at their traditional Martisor celebration.  We visited the activities there together and he told me. But I had a bad unlucky.  The corona had begun.  We couldn't get out of the house. I was petitioning to go out.  There were no Easter celebrations.  There was no activity.  I could not live that tradition because of the ban.  But my Romanian little brother and his family surprised me again, and although we couldn't meet this time, he sent me food, desserts and lots of gifts according to his traditions.  At that time, I was both embarrassed and very happy about this surprise.  I learned and experienced new cultures and habits in my Romanian adventure.  I have visited other cities.  I made good friends there.
The biggest reward for me was that I made friends from different cultures and most importantly, a real but not-blood shared brother.  During the year I stayed there, it was always with me when I had a problem when I was sick or bored.  His friendship was worth everything.  Of course, I had troubles and bothers.  But it was worth it all.  As I was leaving, my coordinator and my mentors said "You're a very good person. We will definitely meet again".  And it was an indescribable feeling for me that many of my friends said "We will come to see you".  I met very valuable people.  They added color to my life.  I left a mark in Romania, it became my home in Craiova.  I would like to thanks so much S&G and Tinerii 3D, who made me have wonderful moments that I will never forget.