Hello, I'm Arife Çerçi from Ankara, and S&G is my sending organisation.
I'm currently doing my EVS in Bratislava, Slovakia. It's been one and half months and it's going pretty well. I am working at an educational institution called Edulienka.

I am teaching to kids, whose age is between 6 and 12. It's very funny to work here with these lovely kids and colleagues.

Everyone is very helpful and friendly.

The students are cute, well-behaved and smart. I'm an assistant and my job is to take the kids to the park, to supervise them together with other teachers, to speak English with them to improve their language skills, to do workshops, and to play games with the kids. We are having so much fun! I don't really have difficulties here. But when I have, luckily, there's always someone to help me. 

The city itself is small and lovely, yet very cold. I like its architecture and its history. I've tried some Slovakian food and I like it, but mostly I'm cooking myself at our flat.

Slovaks are really nice and helpful. I'm also having Slovak language classes twice a week from a native speaker teacher.

Bratislava is close to many countries, so it is very easy to travel around. I've been in Vienna, Győr, Prague, Budapest, Brno and some small cities and towns in Slovakia so far. I'm planning to travel to Poland and Germany as well.

To sum up, it's the best decision I've ever made coming to Bratislava, and working at Edulienka. Thanks to S&G and Mladiinfo Slovensko for this opportunity!