Hello , It’s Buğra and It was my first experience about EU Youthpass project.
We were in the Portugal / Castelo de Vide.
If I talk about the country and the project, everything was amazing for me. Especially the subject of the project was “Media” and I’m experienced in this field because of the Eurovision Song Contest.

In the first days, we worked on human minds and keywords of the media.
Next days , we builded our workshops and campaign. The Campaign of the my crew was about “facts” because we was believed the true media and organizations.The campaign that called #factyou was such an amazing experience for me and my crewmates Kristin , Eduardo , Luka and Alex was really gave their best efforts. 

Also If I talk about Castelo de Vide; 
the village was like fallen from the heaven and Altino (our organizator) seriously worked for us and our happiness.
Thanks for everything. 
Obrigado por tudo!