Erasmus+ has turned 30 year old!

A good moment to celebrate the birthday of this program as a successful story which has changed the life of thousands. Erasmus has brought together youngsters from across the continent, first with students mobility and currently with more comprehensive actions, giving them the opportunity to find other horizons, cultures and ways of living and specially to find more about themselves and such a remarkably successful project deserves to be celebrated in a proper way.

The Turkish National Agency delivered a magnificent celebration party in Istanbul, in a wonderful place right by the Bosphorus channel, chosen specifically by its deep meaning. Since Bosphorus is the connection link between Europe and Asia, it may be understood as a metaphor for the Erasmus program, or in a wider comprehensive meaning, a symbol for the EU-Turkey relations. The current problems of this relationship were mentioned by guest speakers, both European related as well as Turkish, in a clear concern about the hypothetical compromise of the Program for the Turkish partners.
However, as said by Mr. Selim Yenel, “Erasmus program is UE’s best weapon against xenophobia and discrimination” by building bridges of communication between peoples and countries.
In social context it provides the opportunity to bring people together irrespective of their background, their beliefs or their cultures, being the best way to converge and build an harmonious coexistence, and at the same time it changes the life of each young participant of the program, as seen on the thousands of testimonies.

System & Generation had the honourable opportunity to be part of this celebration, with coordinators and volunteers, showing the valuable outcomes of the Program.

Erasmus is not one year in your life, but is your life in one year!


                                                                                                                   Guilherme & Esmeralda