Our Evs volunteer from Albania, Esmeralda Kashari is sharing her experience in Beypazari, a small town near Anakara. Below is her story and more pictures you can find in our Photo Gallery

Beypazari is a Turkish town and district of Ankara Province in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey, approximately 100 km west of the city of Ankara. Beypazari has a rich life with its traditions, culture, vibrant streets, the historical bazaar and natural beauties.Beypazari has a unique and characteristical style of buildings and houses which reflect the tradition of the past and how it's still well preserved. The main traditional activities of the city are: Quilt maker, weaving, tin-iron-leather works, gold and silver wireworks embroidery ect. In Beypazari is the Grand Bazaar where the locals sells the products mentioned above and other kinds of handcrafts. In addition, in this Grand Bazaar they sell also their typical traditional food which is always an attraction for tourists. There are approximately 100 local dishes in Beypazari cuisine such as: Casserole(güveç), stuffed wine leaves(yaprak dolması), 80 layers baklava, Turkey fairy floss(pişmanyie) ect.

People are really kind and still preserving the traditions, including their lifestyle, attitudes, behaviours.
But, among the people whom still seem to be living inside the given social frame, there are also youngsters who want to develop themselves, extend their horizons and knowledges. This Saturday, 5th of August, I had the chance to visit this town and organize English conversation with the locals. Interesting is the fact that the participants varied from 20 years old till 54 years old. They were really interested in improving their  English. The conversation lasted 3hrs when the participants asked questions, shared their  thoughts, wishes, dreams and experiences. The English conversation will be organized every Saturday.
After that, the visit in Beypazari continued in a village nearby named Sekli. The village is quite small and everyone knows each-other. They immediately spotted someone new in their place and all were curious asking to know who was the foreigner paying their village a visit. I was hosted by a local family which were more than hospitable. The following day we went to their garden where they had planted all kind of  vegetables . The biggest area was planted with tomatoes which we picked up and prepared to bring them in the city trade to sell.
It was such a nice experience exploring village life, people’s attitude and a bit of their mentality. It’s always interesting  going straight to where they live and see better how they manage life and organize it. 

Looking forward for the next English conversation in Beypazarı!