The journey of ‘Imagine: Migrant Journeys’ continues.  Next destination for the following activity was Simrishamn, Sweden.  As the winner of ‘Eurodesk Network Prize’,  S&G organized a photo exhibition presenting the moments when ‘The Journey:Istanbul’  was being played in different environments such as high-schools, universities, or other activities with our partners in Europe who have kindly welcomed our board game. The photo exhibition in Simrishamn was held in the town’ library. This event was arranged with the help of Neil Bell(game producer) and assistance of Esmeralda(EVS volunteer of S&G).

The activity consisted in: first,  posting photos of the Journey while being played and others showing the migrants struggles on their way to their destination.  In addition of this activity, a video was continuously played in a projector  showing the feedback  and impressions of the ones who had played the game. Participants from Ireland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain shared their experience while playing as refugee, the feelings while being into migrants shoes and sharing opinion about the game.  And last, but not least important, the game was explained and played. Among the participants who played the game were also three refugees.  One of the most meaningful moments was when one of the refugees told his own history and the fact that he had passed through the same journey which the game describes. So, for him was like doing the same journey for the second time. He was so impressed about the game, found it so worthy and the best way to make people feel and understand the refugees’ life.
Another fact that make the exhibition more interesting was that mostly all the participants had migrant background. All of us had migrated somewhere and each one for different reasons.
The locals found the game as the best tool to show the world what’s like to be a refugee and what they have to pass through in oreder to reach their destination(which is always a different country from their own).

Below you may find some pictures related to this activity