We got an opportunity to meet with people from 3 different countries when we went to Lesbos   

Island, Greece between 16.06.2017-22.06.2017. On the first day, We met with Italian, Spanish and

our Greek friends via icebreaking games and we have learnt our names. That was difficult to learn

Turkish names for Italian and Spanish people because that was the first time they have ever heard

our names. We socialized with each other in a short time. We have visited the Refugee Camp and

we have interviewed with the heroes who resques the refugees trying to survive in the middle of the

sea. Also, We tried to take the best and the most meaningful photos for an exhibition about World

Refugee Day in Lesbos. We find out necessaries for refugees with workshops. We also played a

simulation game that make us more sensible about refugees life conditions and this game grow our

empathy skill. We also learn new things about our new friends countries beside the project. From

the beginning to the end we knew the importance to being in this project and we are so thankful to

S&G for giving us this chance.