KA210-YOU - Small-scale partnerships in youth

Project Objectives

● Aim is to improve the quality of high school student parliaments in Lithuania, Slovakia, and Turkiye by
sharing good practices, capacity building, developing training materials, and conducting research.
● Conduct research on student councils to gather their needs, good practices, and determine the quality
of parliaments in each country.
● Two study visits will be conducted to share good practices and evaluate research.
● An international meeting of high school student parliaments will also be held to share know-how,
develop student parliaments, and confirm findings.
● Results will be gathered and published in various formats - a webpage, social media campaign and

Partner Countries Involved: Slovakia, Lithuania, Turkiye.

Researching High School Student Parliaments

● Timeline: September 2023 - February 2024
● Objective: To conduct research on student parliaments in Lithuania, Slovakia and Turkiye.
● Methods: Utilization of online surveys, expert interviews, and focus groups.
● Outcome: Collect at least 30 responses from each country using a standardized survey, gathering
at least 10 examples of good practices from each country.
● Dissemination: Results will be published by February 2024, contributing to a comprehensive
understanding of student parliaments' functioning and needs
● We will provide the methodology

Study Visits to Lithuania and Turkiye 

● Date: Spring 2024
● Duration: 4 days each
● Number of participants: 12 each
● Purpose: Exchange of experiences, knowledge sharing, and observing good practices related to
student parliaments.
● Activities: Meetings with student parliament members, workshops, visiting schools, and collaboration
with local NGOs working with youth
● Expected Outcome: Enhanced understanding of the Turkish and Lithuanian approach to student
parliaments, collection of valuable insights, and strengthening of partnerships.

Study Visit to Lithuania

Our first visit completed. For more information. Here is our video.

Study Visit to Türkiye

Our second visit completed. For more information. Here is our video.

Study Visit to Slovakia

Our last visit completed. For more information



Voices of the Future: A Handbook for Student Parliaments

● Estimated Date: summer 2024
● Objective: To create a publication on good practices, know-how, and training methods related to
student parliaments from participating countries
● Content: Includes structure and functions of student parliaments, methods for increasing youth
participation, improving quality of student council activities, and successful case studies
● Languages: Available in Slovak, Turkish, Lithuanian, and English
● Target Audience: High school student councils, NGOs, educators, policymakers, and other stakeholders
in youth participation and student governance.
● Dissemination: Online and printed versions to be accessible widely, to be used as a resource for
improving student parliaments in each participating country.
● Impact: Aims to contribute to the development of student council activities and enhance student involvement in decision-making processes