Hello, I am Merve Özcan. I work as a volunteer at System and Generation Association.
Today, as the System and Generation Association, we visited the Turkish Red Crescent. During our visit, we were warmly welcomed and made an important collaboration with our volunteers.
System and Generation Association is a prestigious non-governmental organization based in Ankara, established to facilitate young individuals' access to learning and development opportunities in Europe. The association is involved in project development and implementation, organizing volunteer programs, and providing international mobility and entrepreneurship services. It hosts domestic and international volunteer activities to help young people maximize their cultural and educational potential.
The Turkish Red Crescent is one of Turkey's oldest and most extensive volunteer networks and is a pioneer in humanitarian aid and disaster response. During our visit today, we reached an agreement with the Turkish Red Crescent to include our volunteers in their activities. This collaboration will allow our young volunteers to reach a broader audience and help more people.
As the System and Generation Association, we believe that this collaboration will greatly contribute to the development of our youth and their contributions to society. We would like to thank the Turkish Red Crescent for warmly welcoming us during our visit.
Best regards,
Merve Özcan