S&G’s President Gürkan Akçaer was a guest to NTV radio where he talked about our project DIAL.

On 13 of June we got invited by NTV radio to talk about our KA-2, Erasmus plus programme financed project “Digital Acquisition Through Intergenerational Learning” – DIAL. Our President Gürkan Akçaer explained about the partnership between Turkey, Latvia, Portugal and Cyprus and the aims and objectives of the project. The most asked question from the radio host was about the future mobilities of the project.
Mr. Akçaer explain about the Short term joint staff training in Turkey in March 2019 and for the Blended mobility of Adult Learners in Portugal. S&G will be responsible to host the mobility in Turkey and it is looking for participants for the motilities in Ankara and Portugal. The main participants will be adults and seniors, aged 55+ y.o., and for the mobility in Ankara we will be looking for seniors and youth workers as well.

To hear the whole interview click HERE. (from 49:42 to 52:15)


Here is the transcript of the interview:

If you feel overwhelmed by the rapid development of technology and social media and can’t keep up with youngsters, we may have good news for you. Five adults over the age of 55 from Turkey will be sent to a training course in Portugal, all the expenses being covered by the European Union’s Erasmus + program. We asked the president of System and Generation Association (the Turkish partner organization), Gürkan Akçaer, details about the project:
“The project is a two-years long project coordinated by our partner organization from Latvia, which aims to increase the digital competences among adults. During this period five Turkish citizens of 55+ years old will join other adults from Latvia, Portugal and Cyprus in a training course in Portugal, organized under the Erasmus+ program. Before going to Portugal the participants will join a training program, explaining the on-line platform "Moodle" on 18-22 March 2019 in Ankara, which will enable them to learn how to use computers, communicate online, make online shopping or online payments. The training modul was developed as a result of research conducted by System and Generation and all partners about the digital needs of the adults. The project will also result in an application for adults. The only condition is to be over 55 years old, English language skills are required. The project will last until 2019, in the first training, adults will participate in training sessions in Turkey while in the second training, they will go to Portugal and join adults from the other participating countries in the training course.”

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